Powered bath lifts are an excellent solution to assist people having difficulty to get in and out of the bath safely. H&M have introduced the KANJO range of bathlifts into the U.K. market in order to supply the highest quality bathlift products and accessories to suit all users of any age.

  • There are various bath lift designs available which will allow you to transfer onto the bathlift seat safely and lower, recline and raise you after a relaxing soak in the bath.
  • H&M offer an unbeatable 4 year warranty on all of our bathlifts.
  • Consider the WARRANTY on the battery handset on a powered bathlift as this will probably be the most expensive item to replace outside of the warranty period.
  • Other things to consider are the weight limit and stability of your bathlift as you may need to use the bathlift in a corner bath or awkward shaped bath.
  • Click here to view the KANJO operating instructions.

View H&M Bathlifts Brochure

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