Shoes & Slippers

Painful feet can certainly make a difference to how you feel and limit your mobility to a certain extent.

Even without conditions that require special custom-made orthotics, pressure on the soles of your feet can make walking uncomfortable. As we get older, the pads of natural cushioning on the soles of our feet get thinner and less effective at absorbing pressure.

If you need extra room to accommodate bunions, swelling, problem toes, bandaging or very wide feet, there are ranges of shoes and slippers available which are wider and deeper than usual footwear in styles to suit a range of conditions including stroke, arthritis, diabetes, leg ulcers etc. 

We are a CosyFeet stockist

H&M have a vast range of Cosyfeet shoes and slippers and various aids to help with foot problems both instore and available through our selective range of quality suppliers. Our highly trained friendly team are here to help you choose the right product to meet your needs. A small selection of our product range is shown on this website.

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