The 1000

With one of the slimmest straight stairlift tracks on the market, the 1000 offers minimal track intrusion into the staircase.

This slimline aluminium track has a hidden rack with two park points as standard so the battery can be charged at the top or bottom of the stairs. It can also be supplied with a powered hinge to prevent the track obscuring a doorway at the base of the stairs.

The 1000 straight stairlift comes as standard with a (manual) fold away footrest, seat and arms meaning the lift takes up less room when not in use, allowing more space for other stair users.

The Smart Seat delivers a choice of six upholstery colours and optional powered features to turn the seat at the top of the staircase or fold the footrest after use.


Plus size options

The 1000 boasts our heaviest weight capacity:

  • the 1000 offers 137kg / 21½st,
  • the 1000XL 160kg / 25st
  • the XXL 200kg / 31½st.

Both the XL and the XXL are supplied with additional arm spacers to increase the distance between the arms.


Available options for this stairlift

  • Powered hinged rail: The track can be folded away from the doorway giving clear access.
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