The 950

If you do not require powered swivel options, and you have a straight staircase, the 950 offers you a safe and cost effective way to overcome the challenge of climbing your stairs.

The upholstery is available in neutral, sand coloured, wipe clean flame retardant fabric.

The 950 seat swivel is manually operated but you can choose to add a powered footrest if you wish. The 950 seat comes with a clip seat belt as standard.

The 950 Series track offers a continuous charge function meaning that the lift can be parked on any part of the track when it is not in use. This means you do not need to worry about where you leave your lift on the track as the batteries will charge in any position.

The 950 track can be supplied with a manual hinge or a Slide Track if required.

If you are looking for an economy stairlift, the 950 is the ideal solution. The 950 saves you money on your initial outlay, without any detriment to safety or quality.

The ergonomic toggle control was designed in consultation with occupational therapists, making the operation of the stairlift simple and easy, even for users with joint problems, such as arthritis or rheumatism.

A major benefit of the 950 is its continuous charging function. Unlike some other stairlifts, the 950 does not have to be parked at a designated charge point – the lift is charged at any point along the entire length of the track, so you can leave the stairlift wherever you want, without worrying that if it is being charged.


Available options for this stairlift

  • Slide track:¬†Automatically moves the track clear of any obstacles while the stairlift moves into a parked position. This option is ideal for hallways where access is required through doorways close to the staircase, either at the top or bottom of the stairs.
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